Greetings, my dearest subscribers!

Please be advised that prices will change in our Shantima store starting from April 2021.

For several years we held on, but unfortunately, the world has changed and prices have gone up for everything – fabric, shipping, workers’ wages, studio rent.

Therefore, we are forced to change the final price for our customers, as we want to save the quality of our products and a personal approach to each client.

Shantima will continue to create custom clothes for every person, according to his measurements and his color preferences, taking into account all the wishes for changes in models. We like individual work and we will continue to develop in this direction.

Also, we plan to create small clothing capsules in production, in standard sizes, and in a specific color scheme. Prices for such items will differ from individual tailoring. We hope to bring this to life in the near future.

Thank you for understanding.

Alina Zilberman and the Shantima team