You are very welcome at Shantima concept store.

All items are custom-made in our studio. Any item can be customized to your needs and unique body measurements.

When ordering:

  • please choose the desired fabric and color from our catalogue for any model you prefer.
  • please provide your bust/waist/hips measurements and your height in the comments. We will help you to choose the right size or your outfit will be made-to-measure.
  • to customize your garment – please indicate any alterations such as adjustments in item length, sleeve length, adding or removing pockets, etc. that might be necessary.

We offer various single models as well as versatile 3-7-piece capsule collections. All items will mix and match in color and function-wise to create a plethora of outfits solving the eternal “What To Wear?” dilemma.

Please send your questions and suggestions at  hi@shantima.com We will do our best to answer you shortly.



Custom made linen clothes for men and women