Urban Folk Linen Collection


Collection “URBAN FOLK” was inspired by a mix of European and Indian cultures, blending the timeless beauty of linen with the rich traditions of both regions.

We use traditional European tailoring techniques to create classic silhouettes, but we also incorporate Indian style adds a touch of exotic flair.

Our collection “URBAN FOLK”, mostly created of mediumweight linen – soft and breathable, is relevant for wearing all year round, especially in a hot climate.

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More Space Linen Collection


“MORE SPACE” is a linen fashion collection designed for men and women, featuring loose and comfortable clothing styles.

This collection is inspired by the desire for simplicity and relaxation in our busy lives. Each piece is carefully crafted from high-quality linen, ensuring both comfort and durability.

“MORE SPACE” offers a range of garments that allow the wearer to move freely and breathe easily, creating a sense of openness and tranquility in their everyday life.

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Adagio Collection

ADAGIO | 2022

Our summer collection “ADAGIO”, mostly created of lightweight linen – breathable and airy, is perfect for hot Israeli climate.

The inspiration came from the energy of the Dead Sea and desert around it. It is so quiet there and even time flows slowly. Movements, thoughts – everything slows down. Only rest, relax and recharge.


*adagio  Adv  (Classical Music) (to be performed) slowly

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