Shantima. Perfect linen clothes: how all this became possible >>

I have heard it many times that flax is a “whimsical” fabric: behaving in an unpredictable manner, especially after the first wash:  in the store, the thing fits you perfectly, and then suddenly it shrinks one whole size in the wash, loses color, and is practically impossible to iron.

The myth is widespread, and not without reason. But I prefer saying that flax is of a very peculiar nature and requires high-quality processing. Classical factory processing steps imply fabric shrinkage and some rigidity of the material. The ultramodern processing techniques – do not. Yes, such equipment is very expensive, and only a few production facilities can boast of having it. But the result is worth it. The fabric has a pleasant hand, is very soft and ready for further work. And what is most important – garments do not shrink after the first wash.

Quality clothing starts with raw materials

Having decided to create an online shop of authentic linen clothes, I started to look for the best textile suppliers and manufacturers. And even if it was necessary to turn the world upside down with this aim in view, it would have been just another task. A matter of time and patient, thoughtful comparison.

By default, it is considered that all the best is created in Europe. For me it was important not to follow the clichés blindly, but to test out the real quality of fabrics from different countries, compare them and choose exactly what I wanted to work with in the future.

We visited different factories and production facilities, ordered textile samples, studied the behavior of linen in real-life conditions.

Very often the flax is processed without preshrinking. This is not normal. Evidently, it allows manufacturers to reduce production costs and to increase output. But such economic decisions lead to the effects mentioned above – the garment will shrink in all possible ways after it first goes through the laundry. Therefore, primarily, we were looking for a full production cycle manufacturer – where the textile is “shrunk” at the factory stage, to avoid changes in fabric dimensions later.

The second important criterion for me was the stability and safety of dyes. After all, these are natural clothes that come into direct contact with the body (on top of that, in hot weather). Hence my demand that suppliers meet specific environmental standards and have ISO certification.

It was this approach that helped me do the right choice. I found impeccable materials in the Baltics: there are experts in linen production, they have the experience and a good taste for dyes. Finally, they take quality standardization very seriously, which is more than relevant, too. All  fabrics we use for sewing Shantima’s clothing are certified according to OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100

The next stage of our work is the creation of sewing patterns. Despite the fact that Shantima linen clothes are characterized by smooth lines and easy fit, it was obvious to me that there can’t be a universal one-size-fits-all solution.

Only factory dummies are standard, not people. Each person has individual features, so each pattern is custom-made, taking into account the height and other measurements, the appropriate length of sleeve and of the entire garment. This is the only way to achieve the perfect fit and attain a harmonious aesthetic appearance.

Due to the nature of our work (we are dealing only with the clients’ photos and the measurements they take themselves), it is necessary for the сutter to be highly qualified, and to have a particular “geometric” vision. This was another important step: to recruit such extraordinarily skilled specialists.

It’s you who selects the details

Any model you like can be customized for you. For example, on the original model pockets are not envisaged, and you are used to walking without a bag, preferring to put the phone and small things in pockets. Or you just feel more comfortable putting your hands in the pockets.  If you decide on the pockets – we will provide them.

Or, maybe, you have an intense dislike of the round throat and prefer it square or V-shaped. We will consider your wishes and will do our best to accommodate them. On an individual pattern it is possible to change the overall shape of the sleeve, remove or add elements, choose color and length.

The result is our responsibility

Often people are afraid to order tailor-made clothes in online shops because the result is unknown. It is unclear how to determine your dress size correctly. And you will have to take responsibility for the purchase yourself – it is impossible to return a custom-made garment.

But not in Shantima. It’s important to us that you wear clothes with pleasure. We are responsible for how the ready thing looks on you. If it doesn’t fit, you can return your purchase. Yeah, even though it’s a tailor-made one. Your comfort is of primary importance to us.

If you’d like to learn more about the topic of custom clothing and online purchasing at Shantima’s shop, contact us at and we will come back to you shortly!