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Announcement of New Pricing Policy

Greetings, my dearest subscribers! Please be advised that prices will change in our Shantima store starting from April 2021. For several years we held on, but unfortunately, the world has changed and prices have gone up for everything – fabric, shipping, workers’ wages, studio rent. Therefore, we are forced to change the final price for […]

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More About Returns

Personal tailoring online >> Is it always buying a pig in a poke when you shop online? Well, it depends. If the brand is familiar, explicit and predictable, and if the cut of clothing flatters every body type, give or take the size, – then no question. When you purchase something in an online store […]

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Shantima. Perfect linen clothes: how all this became possible >> I have heard it many times that flax is a “whimsical” fabric: behaving in an unpredictable manner, especially after the first wash:  in the store, the thing fits you perfectly, and then suddenly it shrinks one whole size in the wash, loses color, and is […]

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