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Is it always buying a pig in a poke when you shop online? Well, it depends. If the brand is familiar, explicit and predictable, and if the cut of clothing flatters every body type, give or take the size, – then no question.

When you purchase something in an online store for the first time, you always feel anxious thinking how it will look on you. What about height? What if it doesn’t fit? Should you sell it then for half price or give it to a friend (a daughter, a colleague’s child) or sew and customize — if it was really expensive and, basically, good and of high-quality, but does not compliment your fit and shape?

I wear clothes, too. I asked that very question too

I’ve been there. Since I am a mother of a large family. Just imagine a standard shopping in my case: me with a stroller, a bag, and several children running around, maneuvering between the shelves and hangers, trying to look for the garments I need. Then waiting in line to the fitting room with all the children, bags and a stroller…That’s why I decided to buy things online. It is convenient to have one eye on the phone, while you are doing something else. To order with delivery, not to go anywhere again for every little thing. It is good for all intents and purposes, except for the one I mentioned: we barely know what we buy and how we’re going to wear it later.

How to turn a problem into a task: Shantima’s unparalleled experience

When I started working with an online clothing store, I took the unprecedented step of creating an alternative return program in case our clothes didn’t fit the customer. The usual practice is to return only standard pattern pieces, but not custom clothes. In our store, each item is tailor-made, however, everything can be returned if it’s a misfit.

I am grateful to my customers: they had the courage to place an order in my store although in online mode it can be difficult to decide on size and color, without holding the attire in your hands. Therefore, I take half of the risk — as well as the responsibility for the perfect fit and form of the garment.

From a classical business point of view, it would probably sound strange. Given that each item, each set of clothing is made-to-measure, for specific body parameters and color type. Not just size-to-color-wise, but considering particular physical traits, hair and skin tone.

“How will you sell it afterwards?” – they kept asking me. This would seem logical to me if reselling misfits was my goal, but it is not.

Shantima is all about bespoke tailoring, each garment is made individually for the person who will wear it. And our message is not to sell at all hazards (when after the purchase everything else can go to hell), but not to compromise on the quality and make the whole purchasing process enjoyable.

Our task is not to force a person to fit ubiquitous mass-market clothing, but to study the case, to understand the tastes and preferences of the client, to offer proper ergonomic design. And ultimately make a wearable garment that can last for years.

Shantima’s brand concept implies an important supertask — to help each client look gorgeous while dressing comfortably. This is our area of responsibility as professionals, and we dare to guarantee: if it does not fit, you can return it.

Why I’m not worried about possible returns

Because our customers place orders, choose models, discuss colors and details not with a purpose to get a refund. Their intention is different – they want to buy clothes that can be worn without compromising on style; to combine Shantima’s clothes with various garments (without guessing whether they will match or not); not to worry whether it is fashionable next season, and how the linen garment will look after one hundred and fifth wash. And all this should be done online. No visits to malls and no queues to the fitting rooms. All that is left to do is to perform the task carefully and thoughtfully — and we want to do just that.

How to place an order online

Here you might need some guidance:

1.Choose the models you like on the website and details that you would like to change (length, sleeve, pockets, neck).

2. Send your photos: a portrait (preferably without makeup and with good light) and a full-length photo. If you know exactly what models suit you and what colors you prefer, we can proceed without photos, but it is always easier to sew for a person, having his/her appearance in mind. This condition is optional, just it will be more convenient for us like this.

3. Specify your body proportions – your chest/waist/hips and your height. For some models, we will need additional measurements: we will let you know.

4. Then we will discuss:

  • the climate conditions the clothes are intended for so that we could choose the right density of linen fabric. The goal is to agree upon your capsule wardrobe or a clothing ensemble.
  • which details need to be changed in the desired models: length, the shape of the collar, pockets, sleeves, and so on.
  • your favorite colors, and the colors that look good on you. We will select the tints and shades that will be carefully balanced and harmonize with each other, so that all the garments that you buy would team up and flatter your looks.

After agreeing on all the details, you pay for the order, and we execute it within 2 weeks maximum, often faster. If you need the clothes sooner, or by a certain date, please let us know in advance, we will make sure you receive your parcel in time.

If you know exactly what you want and which colors suit you, you do not need to choose shades or fabrics, you can just place an order on the website and pay online, specifying your measurements and height, or choosing your size from the table we provide.

If you’d like to know more about the personal tailoring online at Shantima’s shop, contact us at and we will come back to you shortly!