We would like to remind you that our fabric supplier company is a member of European Flax-Linen and Hemp Alliance and therefore all fabrics that we use are certificated with European flax. But do you know what advantage this certificate has?

European Flax ™ is the answer to consumer expectations and CSR requirements:

A production of the fibre that is respectful of the environment:

  • No irrigation (except in exceptional circumstances)
  • No GMO seeds
  • A local rotation crop: excellent head of rotation
  • Low use of fertilisers and pesticides; no defoliants
  • Natural dew retting in the field
  • 100% mechanical fibre production (scutching)
  • ZERO WAIST fibre – all parts of the plant are used and valorised (fibre, shives, seed…)

The Life cycle assessment (LCA) of the European Flax ™ scutched long fibre is already available (on https://news.eiropeanflax.com/LCA/) and in progress for the following transformation steps.

Social and Ethical Responsibility

  •  A fibre produced in compliance with the rules of the international Labour Office
  • A 100% vegetable and vegan fibre

A fibre with proven performance

Comfort, thermoregulation, moisture transfer, breathability.

European Flax ™ is the quality visa for premium European fibre flax for all markets.

It preserves, promotes and supports a European agricultural and industrial exception, its territorial origin and non-relocatable know-how, it is an ambitious global brand which is intended to be identified by the end consumer.

The European Flax ™ certification guarantees traceability that is verified by an independent third-party organization (certification body) for products made of pure linen or containing a minimum of 50% linen.

The European Flax ™ certificate for our fabric supplier