How to care for linen clothing: washing, drying, ironing >>

High-quality flax that has been pre-washed during the production process does not shrink or lose color. Therefore, you do not need to choose a special mode for the first laundry. Tips on washing your linen garments are always the same. Following a few simple rules can make your linen clothes last longer (and this is more than relevant because they never go out of fashion). Clothes will always look neat, the material won’t lose its strength, color, and characteristic linen shine.

How to wash linen clothes 

Always separate colors and whites, despite the fact that quality linen fabric neither fades nor gets dirty. Ideal for washing linen is natural liquid soap, if you handwash it, or use gentle gel for automatic washing machines.
Please note that linen is in direct contact with the skin, and these clothes are worn in hot weather. Therefore, ideally, the detergent should be completely washed off with water during the laundry, leaving no smell of powder.
The highest temperature regime for white items is 60 degrees, for colored items – 40 degrees.
When loading do not overcrowd the washer, or linen will have excessive wrinkles. Half load is enough, water and detergent need to pass freely through fibers.
If there is a stubborn stain on linen clothing, it is better to treat it first with a gentle stain remover and only then wash the garment.
Important: do not use bleaching agents for colored or white items, even those intended for delicate fabrics. First, the material can react in an unpredictable way. Second, you are unlikely to yield the desired results.

How to dry linen clothes 

It is best to dry linen clothes on a padded hanger. After laundry shake the wet garment, spread every crumple and smooth out the wrinkles before hanging the clothes to dry.
For machine dry, use a low- or no-heat setting and minimum speed.

How to iron linen clothes 

Linen clothing should not need to be ironed when dried flat (without folds and wrinkles). Inherent natural creases constitute an important aesthetic feature of the linen fabric.
However, if necessary, linen can be ironed. To do this, the fabric should be slightly damp – not completely dry or pre-moistened with a spray bottle before ironing.


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