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Balance is something we often lack. It is the ability to keep your mind calm and peaceful despite the chaos of life, when it is necessary to simultaneously work, raise children, perform household tasks and think about the future.

Shantima is a brand inspired by a desire for balance. For freedom, convenience and new opportunities. Shanti means tranquility in Sanskrit. In Indian philosophy Shanti stands for peace resulting from harmony, rhythm or balance. By the way, the brand name was also born in India, during our family trip, which lasted for more than three years. When we came back to Israel, I opened my concept online shop producing authentic linen clothing.

Way to perfection. Way to yourself

The birth of the brand was a long way: at each stage it was necessary to find the best. Fabrics of the highest quality. Tailors paying attention to details and able to build individual patterns without even seeing the client, having only body measurements and height.

I am engaged in the selection of models and color palettes. It’s my favorite part of the job, my “personal magic. I’ve always been interested in color.

More than a decade ago I learned about seasonal color analysis which explains how to emphasize natural beauty with the help of color in clothes. What shades of color make us more beautiful, and which distort our image? This approach seemed very logical and interesting to me. I wanted not only to saturate myself in a subject, but to start working with it. Now there is a wide range of flax color variations in Shantima studio which makes it easier to find unique personal solutions and combinations for each client.

I like to invent models: concise, harmoniously combined with each other. I like socializing with people, discussing details, finding original, interesting solutions for each customer.

Shantima is more than just clothes

Shantima is feelings. Enlightened perspective. Freedom from bodily discomfort. Freedom from the need to live in strict adherence to fashion trends, freedom from the necessity to adjust clothes.

Balance of energy. Balance of life

My day is naturally divided into several parts. It has a place for business, a big family (I have three children), hobbies, rest, learning. Once, perhaps, it seemed absolutely impossible to me. Then — difficult. And now I just live this way every single day of my life.

I take inspiration in my work, in my travels, in the drawings of my children. No rush. Surprisingly, for me, it’s the only way to make things happen – it is the art of small steps, of not biting more than one can chew.

My business is not driven by a desire to sell as much as possible, as quickly as possible. It’s a part of my soul, it’s my favorite pursuit, and the most important thing about it is to feel harmony and pleasure. Gratitude and a positive attitude.

And my clients share this ideology. They follow a path with heart and do things they can’t help doing. They discover the world with a plethora of small pleasures, and the pleasure of feeling bodily comfort is one of them. The pleasure to move freely, to be in a state of flow, allowing the plot to carry itself forward. Freedom of expression. Of choice. Artistic freedom. Freedom to dream and to strive for self-realization.